Wrap-Around Care Program

Wrap-Around Care 2013-2014 Program Description


This service is offered before and after our morning and afternoon early childhood programs, and is designed to provide additional programming to families whose schedules conflict with our typical arrival and dismissal times.  The Wrap Around Care Program will offer developmentally appropriate activities that supplement our early childhood curriculum.  All activities will be developed and supported by Stepping Stones Learning Center staff.  All National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) policies, procedures, and practices currently in place for Stepping Stones Learning Center preschool programming will apply to Wrap Around care.  No meals will be served, but children involved can bring their own breakfasts, lunches and snacks.  Please send in food that does not require “warming up.”


Arrival and Dismissal Procedures:

Parents or Stepping Stones Learning Center staff who bring the child to Wrap Around care will sign the child in.

*Stepping Stones Learning Center Classroom staff must bring the child to the designated Wrap Around care room, if care follows classroom program.

Parents or Stepping Stones Learning Center staff picking the child up will sign the child out.

*Stepping Stones Learning Center Classroom staff must pick the child up from the designated Wrap Around care room if care is before classroom program.

*Wrap Around care will release a child only to authorized escorts listed on the child’s classroom registration form or a Stepping Stones Learning Center staff member.

Care Procedures:

Wrap around care lesson plans must be completed weekly by staff.  Lesson plans include a description of at least 2 activities.

Sign In and Sign Out sheets will be kept in a Sign-Out Binder that is to be turned in to the Wrap-Around Specialist at the end of each month.

Parents/ authorized escorts must be greeted and information regarding the child’s time in care should be shared.

All Classroom Health and Safety Procedures must be followed. (See Parent Handbook or Classroom Staff Handbook for listings.)


$6 / hr for each child registered

$10/hr for one child registered requiring a 1:1 aide

*If a child requires 1:1 assistance, parents will be asked to pay $10/hr.

*Parents will be billed in no less than 30 minute increments.

*Parents will be billed monthly based on days/times registered for, not on days attended.  

*Parents are billed at the first of the month for the following month.  Due to this, the initial billing cycle could include 2 months.  This fee will be collected at the time of enrollment.

*A $10 per every 5 minutes will be charged for late pick up starting 5 minutes after the designated pick up time. Ex- child is scheduled to be picked up at 5:00.   Child is picked up at 5:15.  Parent will be charged $20.  Child is picked up at 5:10.  Parent will be charged $10.

“As Needed” care needs at least 24 hours notice, used in emergency situations only, and needs to be pre-approved by Mary Brooks.

***Please call (585) 467-4567 for availabilty before proceeding with the registration process below.

Please visit the Registration & Payment page after filling out the registration form to process your payment.

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