Respite Camp

What is Respite Camp?


         Part of our mission at Stepping Stones Learning Center (SSLC) is to develop specific programs to meet the ever changing needs of our families. One such need is to alleviate the impact school breaks have on children and their families.  These interruptions cause stress and anxiety to the child as well as the family, and causes behavioral and skill level regression in the children

            This camp, which is funded by FLDDSO Family Support Services program, is designed to offer children a chance to receive a semblance of structure while also relieving the stress to families. While we will not be providing individual instruction, we will continue to address the individual needs of the child. Our camp will be staffed by providers who are trained and familiar with the varying therapy approaches students may receive during their individual instruction through out the year.  There will be no more than 10 students enrolled in the camp in order to address each child's needs and ensure the integrity of the program.  Each week the camp will have a varying theme and activities that may include; arts and crafts, games, fine and gross motor activities, walks to playgrounds, cooking etc.


Eligibility Requirements


  • Child must have individual transportation to and from camp.
  • Eligibility is determined by the DDSO.
  • Child must have an active Medicaid Service Coordinator.
  • Child must be  approved for extended school year services.
  • Child does not require a 1:1 to participate in activities.
  • Child is between the age of 3-8.
  • Child does not display aggressive behaviors which require the support of a 1:1.


Respite Camp Dates


*February Break *April Break, *Christmas Break *Veterans Day, *Martin Luther King Day *Breaks between programming in the Summer



 Registration Forms:

  1. Click on the registration form below and choose Open.
  2. Choose the location on your computer where you would like to save the application.
  3. Open the application and complete. Once it is completed, save the file.
  4. Email completed application to
  5. Respite Camp Registration Form

For more information contact Lindsay Titus at or (585) 467-4567